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Corpkit Minute Book Kit
SKU: C-CorpKit Minute Book Kit 1

CorpKit Minute Book Kit (complete package)
This Standard Corporate Kit Contains:

* Leatherette binder in a choice of 6 colors with matching slipcase, 1 1/4" three ring locking mechanism and name either embossed in Gold or Silver, or an engraved brass or nickel plate with the company name affixed to the binder.
* Corporate seal with company information on it
* 20 customized stock certificates with our copy blocker technology (cannot be fraudulently copied) and the maple leaf in the certiifcate
* 14 position tabs with fill-in the blank sheets for director, officer,  shareholder and transfer registers
* Province specific bylaws either printed or on CD (pdf) If on cd, blank minute paper will be sent!
* Order ships same day if ordered by 5PM EST.
* Shipping by UPS- 1-3 days $19.95


AVAILABLE COLORS: Black with Gold, Black with Silver, Burgundy, Burgundy with Black, Green, Blue with Gold, Blue with Silver.