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Electronic Bylaws Agreement

Electronic Bylaws Agreement
Electronic Bylaws/Operating Agreement

Minutes, By-Laws & Special Forms.

By-Laws and Operating Agreement Available for:

Corpkit’s intent in sending these files to you is to print the files once, and not to print them multiple times. By agreeing, you will not print these files more than once, and you must follow the rules governing the issuing of these ownership certificates.  If you do not know the legality or rules of issuing the enclosed files, please contact a legal professional or anyone who is qualified to give you guidance in the state that the company was formed.

Corpkit 2 hours processing time is an estimate and no guarantee. Processing time in based on orders received by us during normal work hours. Due to the nature of the product, all E-Products are not returnable for credit or refund.

We have Provinces specific By-Laws.

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